travelling alongside...

...helping you to deal with day-to-day challenges more effectively by supporting your own decision-making, planning and self-management.

Do you want to use your time more effectively?

Are you approaching a new challenge at work?

Are you applying for - or starting - a new job? 

Are you needing to renew your perspective and see the wood for the trees?

Would you like help with preparing for difficult conversations?

Are you wanting to inspire and get the best out of a team?

Would you like help with composing and writing a letter, report or assignment?

Do you need to improve your work-life balance?


Our experience, both first hand and coaching others, has given us a deep understanding of the challenges of leadership, parenting, time management, interviews and job selection processes, creative and strategic planning and how to improve the learning capacity and performance of individuals, teams and organisations.

We tailor coaching to your specific needs, to support and reinforce your self-belief, conviction and clarity, expressing the positive values that sustain you and your work.

Our working relationship may be short or longer term, depending on how it continues to serve your goals.  We always start by discussing and agreeing how we shall work together.

If needed, we can spend a day or more with you, shadow you, observe, reflect on the quality of your interactions and decisions, feeding back confidentially, as a 'mirror' to your professional identity.