changing the landscape...

...listening as you explore aspects of your life, present and past, that may be out of harmony with how you want to live now; helping you to become more aware of what can be profoundly changed and how you can do it.

Do you suffer with depression or anxiety?

Have childhood traumas prevented you from fulfilling your potential?

Do you feel something is 'wrong with you' but you can't name it?

Have you found it impossible to sustain meaningful, committed relationships?

Do you keep experiencing the same old set-backs and patterns of hurt ?

Are you stuck with emotions or behaviour that are destructive or difficult to deal with?

Is something arresting or interrupting your normal, healthy emotional functioning?

Do you find you keep sabotaging your own success?


Our training in TA (Transactional Analysis) Psychotherapy, founded by Eric Berne, is about enabling clients to take charge of their own change process, become free of 'script-bound' choices and achieve autonomy - building capacity for awareness, spontaneity and intimacy.

Psychotherapy is likely to need a longer-term commitment, as we explore and bring into awareness factors in your experience which continue to affect the healthy expression of your personality.  The ultimate aim of TA Psychotherapy is to put you 'back in charge', freeing you from a pattern you might feel trapped in and enabling profound, long-term change in how you think, feel and behave.  This gives you wider, healthier options from which to live the life you choose.  The therapy starts with acceptance and understanding of where you are now, combined with a commitment to profound change over time.