You have a marvellous skill in affirming strength and enabling others to be still.  The capacity to know one’s self is, I am sure, at the heart of personal contentment and then one is in a position to engage more fully with others.  (You) helped me reflect on where I am and how to plan the next phase of my life.  Thank you!

A very first counselling client, in 2004, who was approaching retirement with some apprehension


After suffering two separate family bereavements in a year, I felt I was going through a very complicated and challenging period in my life.  I needed to talk to someone openly, in a totally trusting environment.  Through your listening skills and calmness, you helped me to disentangle my perceptions of the world and recognise and accomplish a more balanced approach to life.  I would highly recommend your counselling skills.  Thank you.

A client who came to us towards the end of 2015