Sam Dragunas


Sam Dragunas

Hello!  I’m a trainee counsellor and therapist accustomed to working with both adults and children, though my training is focused on adult work.  Many of my clients have experienced some kind of trauma or hardship and I am experienced in helping people with anxiety and depression, addiction, anger, relationship difficulties, pain and loss.

I myself have benefitted profoundly from therapy, having suffered from chronic pain most of my life caused by a genetic joint condition.  I therefore, of course, welcome clients wanting help with pain, as well as those suffering the emotional and psychological effects of distressing events and circumstances.

I think three words that sum me up are caring, conscientious and responsible.  Amongst friends I’m also fun to be with, especially loving the outdoor life and Nature.  Clients and colleagues tell me I have a gift for empathising with people whilst at the same time maintaining my objectivity and professional judgement.

For me, the most important thing about therapy is the warm and close but professional and trusting relationship that I build with my clients.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, have experienced abuse or trauma, or want help with relationships, addiction, family conflict, anger, grief or pain, I’d be glad to work with you.