Mel Deakin

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Mel Deakin

UKCP Trainee Therapist

Hello! I’m in advanced training as a Transactional Analyst (TA Psychotherapist) at the Berne Institute, near Nottingham.

I am in this work because I believe everyone has a right to know, and be, their true selves; everyone has the power to assume full responsibility for their lives; everyone has a right to be heard.

My own experience, as a mother of three young children with a passion for people and growth-full relationships, has taught me much about the ‘search for the inner me’ and the layers we create to hide our true selves.

Whether through counselling or therapy, I can help you dissolve those layers and free yourself.  I know how pangs, such as anger, self-doubt and resentment, can be wonderful sign-posts to self-awareness, helping us take full responsibility for our feelings and actions.

I offer a listening ear whilst making my own expertise and the resources of my professional network available, to help my clients let go of limiting life-scripts and know and fulfil their true worth and potential.

If you have experienced an abusive relationship, sometimes feel overwhelmed, experience difficulty in friendship or simply hold yourself back in some way and want to feel newly empowered, I’d love to work with you.